Emotional rebalancing

Emotional rebalancing


We would like to believe that you made it through the rigor of the past year unscathed, but I know that you have probably had to fight various dragons. It must be said that everything that gives us the stature of being human is well damaged:

  • What is the new definition of “feeling protected”?
  • What does it mean to be “safe”?
  • Whether it is the economy, leisure and health, everything was turned upside down!

However, we will have to take care of his emotional health.

So now is the time to congratulate us on this renewal, for what we have managed to do and overcome. But it is not over…

We will do everything to remain strong in the same way as bamboo.
To fold, but not to break, as Jean de La Fontaine tells it so well in his fable.

Emotional health is the most valuable asset we have, because it is the one that allows you to overcome all the challenges that appear on our life path.

Emotional health is our close friend and companion in all of our joys and pitfalls, and there is nothing more pleasing to it than being pampered.

“Oh yes, give me gifts!” she said, cuddling in the recesses of our being.

  • But what are the right gifts for her?
  • How are we going to equip ourselves to face the new hazards?

Well, gifts which will nourish in depth and which include the entirety of our living entity. That is to say those which act both on the physical body, but also on the emotional and spiritual sphere.

For this reason, we will calmly work on the stagnant emotions of the past year. We will do everything to help you reach cells all over your body, including neurons, to generate positive, revitalizing energy; a real emotional reset.

Your body and mind will be extremely grateful.

What you offer him will be returned to you a thousand times over.

That’s why it’s worth doing business with him.

The master keys to accessing the subtle language of the psychic are the five groups of emotions. Real gateways to connect the outside world with your inside world.

We have therefore concocted a splendid explanatory and educational booklet for you to learn how to properly manage each emotion.

  • What are you afraid of?
  • Do you lack self-confidence?
  • Do you have trouble making decisions?

All of these questions signal our inability to handle our feelings well. 

However, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) like modern Western medicine underlines the close link that exists between our emotional states and the pathologies from which we suffer.

Be careful, not everything is psychic! When you fall down the stairs or catch a cold from swimming in a frozen lake in January in order to drown your problems… 
In short, however, many common disorders can be the fruit of stress and emotions.

Dealing with stress and anxieties in Dien Chan

For Western medicine, the brain and nervous system manage emotions. We must use this knowledge to translate it into therapeutic gestures through a treatment protocol in Dien Chan which will reassure us.

Once the stress is under control, we can then address each emotion in a precise way.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers us a classification of natural phenomena into five elements. These are closely related to certain vital organs and fundamental emotions.

The human body is a unit, so our care must be holistic and accompanied by advice drawn from your experiences and other disciplines that you practice.

We thus understand that we will be able to interact, from the face, on a concrete emotion by stabilizing the organs involved and attached to the element.
This will allow us to address the somatic manifestations caused by these organic imbalances.

We will then ensure that the energy of the invigorated organ is spread throughout the body.

Emotional rebalancing

In this eBook, we recall the five elements of TCM which take up the energy functions of each organ-viscera pair. We will thus act on these elements and their organs to examine a particular emotion.

If you are a professional and your patient has not made an appointment to treat a specific emotional disorder, it is always interesting to unseal —through dialogue— the possible subdued feeling.

By knowing the element-emotion relationships indicated by TCM, we will then be able to complete the treatment of the nervous system by stimulating the organ concerned.

Do not forget about your emphatic talent in advising to take care of his sanity. Not to get lost in the vagaries of life, to avoid excess social media and other anxiety-provoking information.

Encourage self-indulgence, not withdrawal.

Here is a recap of the correspondence

  • Metal: sadness shakes the lungs and the large intestine.
  • Water: fears affect the kidneys and bladder.
  • Drink: Anger disturbs the hepatic energy flow which affects the liver and gallbladder.
  • Earth: Concerns, anguish and obsessions disturb the stomach and the spleen.
  • Fire: euphoric states, irritability and fears upset the heart and the small intestine.

We teach you how to get the best results by combining the Western approach (central nervous system treatment) with that of TCM (the element involved), all from the face!

You will learn how to translate facial diagnosis into multireflexology therapy.

In this 36-page eBook, illustrated by explained care diagrams, each emotion group is detailed by step.

We have also provided self-care recommendations that will be useful for advising your customers.

In order to get started quickly, the booklet is of course available in PDF format and, if you wish, accompanied by a multireflex tool kit.

These instruments are specially selected so that you can —with the minimum— deal with each of the situations described in the booklet.

Satisfied or reimbursed, we invite you to click on this button to choose your version of the Dien Chan emotional kit.


The eBook is optional at a very special price with the kit. You can also buy the eBook only if you already have multireflex tools.

To learn the authentic Facial Reflexology method called Dien Chan, choose you training:
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