Regulating mucus production

How to regulate mucus secretions and learn to customize your care in Dien Chan.

Reduce lipoma & fatty deposits

How to treat lipomas in Dien Chan. Treatment plan steps for a holistic and effective approach

Reflex diagrams and bqc·point of Dien Chan

Multireflexology synchronism

Multireflexological synchronism is a distinctive method in Dien Chan that involves various techniques to discover potential connections that lead to the root cause of a disorder. This approach includes research that combines different reflex zones from reflex diagrams, consulting sheets for highly sensitive bqc·points, and assessing the effectiveness of the initial choice between the yin or yang effect of the multireflex tool.

Sleep apnea: advanced approach in Dien Chan

Sleep apnea in Dien Chan

This approach integrates precise concepts to target the organs involved, while restoring the body’s biological and energetic balance.

The «Penfield» diagram of reflexion

Diagram of Penfield

The story of Dien Chan diagram Penfield. Original facial reflexology method explained by the Dien Chan experts.

Emotional rebalancing

Emotional rebalancing

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Dealing with anemia

Treating anemia in Facial Reflexology

By using Dien Chan, we can intervene from the very first symptoms. All of the strength lies in the fact that we can challenge the brain while stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.

How to create appropriate treatment plans in Dien Chan?

Dien Chan app

An amazing app to inspire you. Be a care designer in Dien Chan!