Dealing with anemia

Treating anemia in Facial Reflexology

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘anemia’? 
Blood? Iron? Fatigue?

Anemia is an iron deficiency, which the body may express with symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath, pale skin, and even cold hands and feet.  This condition frequently accompanies a woman’s menses, especially in those who experience heavy periods.

When you are anemic you lack enough healthy red blood cells to adequately transport oxygen to your body’s tissues. This is what brings on the fatigue and weakness, and for some with more serious symptoms, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and chest pain.

While existing treatments for anemia aim to replace deficiencies, (iron, oxygen), our Dien Chan methods allow for bodies to self-regulate and ‘wake up’ organs and functions that have become lazy.

It is by using the Dien Chan teachings that we can intervene from the very first symptoms, without waiting.  Although Dien Chan is considered to be the original method of Facial Reflexology, its benefits extend throughout the entire body.

All of the strength lies in the fact that we can challenge the brain while stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.  By incorporating the yin and yang effects of the multireflex tools, we can give even more meaningful attention to our treatments.

As always, it is by setting intentions for our treatments that we obtain the best results.

Therefore, we will follow the classic treatment plan.

We start by stimulating the blood and lymphatic systems, and the body parts this involves. Because we want to treat anemia, we can assume that the disorder is more yin which means that we are going to intervene with yang stimuli, whether offering treatment to the body or to the face.

Why are we assuming anemia is creating a yin state?

  • This puts the body low and there is a lack of Qi. 
  • Low energy,
  • Dark circles
  • Kidney fatigue
  • It affects the bowel movements
  • Lack of nourishment to the tissue
  • Muscle fatigue 
  • Dull skin 
  • Nails are brittle

A Small Reminder
Our yang balls are equipped with spikes and are made of natural horn. We thus take advantage of the biological properties of this noble material which –unlike plastic– does not produce disturbing static electricity.
In addition, its intrinsic antiseptic value is respectful of the skin’s natural microbiome.
This is why all the instruments equipped with yang balls that come in direct contact with the skin are made of horn.
The yang effect allows to energize, concentrate, heat, and restores movement to fight against dispersion.

We will then perform yang stimulations on the facial reflex zones representing the corresponding parts of the body.

And also taking care to thoroughly work the reflex zones of the organs involved in maintaining and improving the quality of the blood. 

Using precise bqc·points we will compose a formula, the objective of which being to create a bespoke treatment plan.

✔︎ The ensuing treatment sessions will be all the more effective if we provide ‘homework’, allowing our clients to continue the healing at home.

The Stages of Treatment:

1| Local care:

a] The Back
With the Double yang ball nº410, roll the back from bottom to the top, focusing well on either side of the spine without touching the vertebrae.  This action restores movement and warmth to the blood systems.
5 minutes.

b] Lung zone
Let’s take advantage of this position to now energize the lung zone around the shoulder blades.  We can keep the Double yang ball or use the Double yang mini-ball nº307 if the surface area is small or if the person is rather thin. 
This will energize the respiratory system to increase the transportation of oxygen in the blood.
3 minutes per side.

2| The stomach

Continuing treatment on the body we move to the abdomen, rolling with the same Double yang ball nº410 (or the Triple yang roller nº438 if the surface is wide).  As with the anti-cellulite treatment, start on the sides and work towards the navel. 
This massage stimulates the digestive system and encourages microcirculation while warming the lower abdomen.
8 minutes total.

3| Facial Treatment- zones

We will now reproduce the same effects but from the face. Let’s take advantage of the following thought patterns:

  • The “Redman” thought pattern allows us to precisely locate the back (the nose). 
  • The diagram of the internal organs on the face tells us that the lungs are mainly on the cheekbones, spreading from the top of the eyebrows to the corners of the mouth.
  • We use this same pattern to locate the liver, spleen, large intestine, and small intestine.

a] The Back on the Face
Using the mini-ball of the Yin-yang roller nº206, perform about 50 back and forth movements along the bridge of the nose.
±2 minutes.

b] The Intestines
With the same mini-ball, stimulate the upper lip with comfortable and delicate pressure. Consider a gentle touch when treating this delicate area, it can be quite sensitive. Follow this by rolling the nasolabial fold to stimulate the intestines.
30 back and forths by zone.

4| Reinforcing the treatment by stimulating precise bqc·points

In this  Faceasit’clinic video you see the multiple treatment possibilities that are offered by the app. 

Anemia can be the result of many dysfunctions, and it is interesting to test the sensitivity of each point. It is by being most receptive that we compose a personalized formula.

By pressing each bqc·point, you use its detailed information to succeed in establishing correspondences.  Thanks to this source of inspiration, we can ask relevant questions and thus identify the origin of the disorder.

Please keep in mind that the client’s diet must be taken into account. 
In Faceasit we choose: Groups&systems/Circulation/Blood/anemia…

To help with understanding, here is the list of the essential bqc·points involved, whatever the origin of the failure.

▸ To get the most out of food, we stimulate the digestive system:
38· (large intestine) 50· (liver) 39· (stomach) 127· (small intestine).

▸ To encourage oxygenation, we stimulate the respiratory system:
3· 61· (lungs) 269· (heart).

▸ To nourish the blood and encourage it to circulate:
37· (spleen) 290· (Triple heater) 1· (spinal cord) 60· (pericardium) 188· (cerebral irrigation).

◨ To apply only a pre-established formula in a yang order (from the bottom of the face to the top):
127· 38· 39· 50· 37· 3· 61· 269· 290· 1· 60· 188·

Do not forget to test the other bqc·points, which can allow us to learn more about the origin of the disorder.

5| The Prescription

Ideally, the client should be advised to stimulate the reflex zones indicated by the most sensitive bqc·point, the ‘Homework’ we mentioned earlier. 

If these points are located on the forehead or nose, the Small-hammer nº128 (rubber side) is the ideal tool. 

For more plump areas, like the cheeks and lower face, Yin-yang roller nº206 is more popular. 

The client will want to continue rolling the nose (the back on the face) and cheekbones (lungs) to strengthen oxygenation.

When to perform self-care?

If the client preferred Yin-yang roller nº206, she should keep it in her bag to use whenever she feels a drop in energy.

It is better to practice small self-care sessions frequently, rather than long stimulation sessions spaced out over time!

When to repeat a session?

Invite your client to rebook an appointment the following week, at the least. At the next appointment, you will observe and record the improvements in sensations and the differences in sensitivity of the bqc·points discovered during the previous treatment. 

If the client implements the self-care advice, the following visits will be used to refine the treatment.
Remember the importance of starting with the Dien Chan principle:

  • Working the local area on the body,
  • Followed by working the face on the same facial reflex zones.
  • Then, personalize the bqc·points formula again. 

If your client can have regular blood tests, you will be able to check the progression. 

What is this amazing app?

The app is available in 3 versions and if you still don’t know Faceasit… this is where you will get videos and more explanations:

This app is only compatible with the iPad.

The genuine multireflex tools are made from natural horn, mimosa wood, and high-end metals.

📌 You can purchase your multireflex tools described in this article by visiting this page:

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  1. Dien Chan beginning instruction has alleviated many of my aches and pains so far. I am such a beginner but a great believer.

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