Regulating mucus production

Excessive mucus secretion can be a source of daily discomfort, affecting not only physical comfort but also quality of life. This sensation of sticky phlegm in the throat and nasal passages can even cause nausea in some individuals and disrupt their usual activities.
Determining the cause of symptoms without a thorough medical examination is always challenging. A common concern in such cases is whether medical history, such as tonsil removal, could be the cause of this issue.

Dien Chan can support medical treatment if it is a specific pathology but does not replace it. It is true that tonsils are part of the immune system and help fight infections. Without them, the body may react differently to pathogens. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consult a physician with field experience or an ENT specialist for a precise diagnosis and health evaluation.

Madam drinks too much milk, but she uses her Comet nº133 to perform the Reflexdrainage every day!

One of the main reasons for overproduction of mucus is often related to the consumption of dairy products 🐮.
It is recommended to eliminate them from your diet for at least a month to see if mucus production decreases. During this period, you can also practice Dien Chan to help liquefy and restrict mucus. Ensure you stay well hydrated and try the «Anti-stress protocol» by including a massage of the stomach reflex zone to relieve potential nausea.

To complement this treatment, consider stimulating certain bqc·points on the face that have the effect of reducing nasal congestion and mucus production.

Finally, for optimal results, conclude the session with Reflex-drainage, which promotes lymphatic circulation, as well as a formula to encourage toxin elimination through the urinary system.

Here is a very general care plan, which should be adapted to each individual involved. It is important to note that all the formulas and lists of points we provide should be considered as constellations from which the practitioner will construct a personalized formula.

1| First step

If excess mucus disrupts the person’s nervous state, it is recommended to start with the «Anti-stress protocol». Refer to our detailed article on the subject at this address

Begin by using the Yin rake nº416 to gently rake the scalp..

To treat this type of disorder, we intervene on the body to stimulate the brain towards the anatomical areas involved. We also aim to promote blood and lymphatic circulation to prevent stagnation.

For this, we recommend gently rolling the person’s back with the Double yang ball nº410, starting from the lower back and moving up to the neck, making at least thirty movements.

Then, with the Big hammer nº430 (yin suction cup side), gently tap the back at chest level. The goal is not to strike hard but to ensure that each percussion results in a deep vibration.
This exercise helps stimulate the inside of the lungs while promoting expectoration.

The multireflex tools of the kit composed of the Yin-yang roller nº206, the Big hammer nº430, and the Double yang ball nº410

💥 Discover how the «Excellence yang» kit can meet your essential needs and explore its detailed description on this page.

3| Reflex step

In general, two possibilities arise:

a) Nausea

If the person complains of nausea or acid reflux, this may indicate dysfunction of the stomach cardia. In this case, we must continue the treatment by targeting the gastric system. By deploying the internal organ reflex diagram on the face, we locate the stomach area on the left cheek. Two opposite situations may arise:

  • If the gastric system is tired, we recommend yang stimulation using the small spike ball of the Yin-yang roller nº206.
  • If, on the contrary, it is overheated, it is preferable to rake the entire stomach reflex zone with the small yin rake of multireflex tool nº219.
b) Slow digestion

If, on the other hand, the person feels weak and mentions heavy or slow digestion, it is necessary to energize their digestive system before treating mucus regulation.

To do this, gently roll the hepatic area on the right cheek and also the spleen and stomach area on the left cheek, using the Double mini yang ball nº307 for increased effectiveness.

The intention is to stimulate their functions, so do not hesitate to massage each cheek for at least one minute. Ensure that the gesture remains elegant and does not cause any damage to the skin; be attentive to every movement.

Energizing the respiratory system

To energize the respiratory system and achieve our goal of facilitating mucus fluidification while strengthening the immune system, we need to combine several approaches.
We will start by invigorating the respiratory system.

To do this, use the small rake of tool nº219 to gently rake the entire lung surface of the face. Start on the cheekbone and progress towards the earlobe, following the natural direction of the skin. This movement will provide a refreshing and hydrating yin effect to the respiratory system, which will help liquefy and reduce mucus production.

To reinforce the “anti-stress” influence of the first step focusing on the general state, we add bqc·points related to the stomach. To ensure your patient’s comfort, preferably use the Little-hammer nº128 to stimulate the following bqc·points: 124· 34· 109· 275· 39· 64· 71·

  • The bqc·points 124· 34· to relax the nervous system.
  • The bqc·points 109· 275· are used to relieve the throat.
  • The bqc·points 39· 64· 71· are dedicated to the stomach. Note that points 64· and 71· can be more effectively stimulated with the large detector of the Comet nº133, by gently sweeping along the junction of the nostril with the cheek.

Note: If the person is experiencing significant fatigue, you can stabilize the effect of the Double Yang Ball nº410 on the back by utilizing a yang formula, as taught in our courses or available on the Faceasit application.

We emphasize that the point lists we share are inspiring constellations from which the therapist can create their own formula tailored to the individual and the situation. Our goal is to encourage you to become the creator of your own care protocols.

Image: Dien Chan’s constellation inspiration

It is important to note that experienced practitioners understand that overly complex formulas may be unnecessary and risk exhausting the patient’s body. Dien Chan is a modern and effective technique because it synthesizes both contemporary solutions and ancestral knowledge.
Those who rely solely on points are not truly practicing the original method and do not grasp the multireflexological dimension of Dien Chan. That’s why it’s essential to consult the files of the most sensitive reflex points to discover unsuspected relationships that could guide you towards interesting avenues to explore during the dialogue with the consultant. By broadening your assessment, you can more quickly identify the origin of the problem. We provide videos on this topic in the form of “shorts” on the channel

  • 31· 52· 132· 360· 565· 125· to stimulate lung energy [pink zones]
  • 6131328– to increase internal lung hydration [pink zones]
  • 37· 132· 254· to stimulate the Spleen meridian, which is involved in the process of transforming body fluids. [purple zones]
  • 127· 38·113· 6· 0· to invigorate the immune system [green zones]
  • 300· 45· 85· 87· to engage the urinary system in elimination. [blue zones]

It is also important to consider the information gathered during the dialogue with the patient to identify other points that may be relevant to their specific condition.

5| Your recommendations

The final step of a well-elaborated care plan aims to encourage the individual to become aware of their active role in managing their condition. To achieve this, we perform a Reflexodrainage while explaining the different steps to the individual. We then suggest either acquiring the Comet nº133 so they can practice this technique at home, or the Yin-yang roller nº206 so they can continue working on the reflex zones of the lungs. By offering them the opportunity to continue treatment at home, we enable them to deepen their self-care until the next session, while providing them with the means to be autonomous in their care approach.

We also encourage you to consult the videos on the Dien Chan experts’ channel to understand the gestures to employ. Subscribe to and share your feedback under the video of your choice.
We are eager to hear about your results!

Looking forward to your feedback,
— Dien Chan experts —

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