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The «Special Lipomas» kit is truly designed to meet your needs for treating fatty deposits, whether directly on the body or on the face. Whether you’re a practitioner or an esthetician, these tips will also be useful for self-care.

A lipoma is a soft, mobile mass composed of fat that develops slowly under the skin. Although they are generally benign, lipomas can sometimes be bothersome if they are large or located in sensitive areas.

Our comprehensive and holistic approach will enable you to treat lipomas safely and effectively, while offering optimal results for your well-being.

The kit consists of three carefully selected multireflex tools to effectively target lipomas at different stages of the treatment plan. Let’s explore together how they can help you regain a sense of comfort and confidence in your skin. And because a lipoma is generally not harmful to health, we can treat them naturally by following this treatment plan used by our Chan❜beauté professionals.

Although the lipomas you wish to treat can develop anywhere on the body, let’s take the concrete example of a lipoma located on the left arm to facilitate understanding of our explanations. You can then transpose this idea to the relevant anatomical part.

When a person consults for a disorder, whatever it may be, always consider addressing their general condition first. We delve into this first step of the “treatment plan” in many other articles and during training.

1| Start by using the Double yang ball nº410 to roll over all body areas, including the lipoma area if possible. Repeat the exercise on the other arm, making about fifty back-and-forth movements. Keep in mind the principle of Dien Chan symmetry; even if the lipoma is on the left arm in our example, don’t forget to also work on the right arm.

2| Then, use the Beauty ova nº373 to perform gentle sweeps towards the nearest lymph nodes. In our example, make about twenty sweeps towards the armpits without exerting excessive pressure so that the massage is enjoyable. Repeat this operation on the symmetrical limb.

The Beauty ova helps eliminate accumulated toxins and fats, promoting their evacuation through the lymphatic system.

It’s after the body step that we can work on the face by using reflex diagrams as a guide. It’s not always easy to prioritize one reflex diagram knowing that there’s no better one than others.

For our example of the lipoma located in the middle of the arm at the level of the anterior branchial, we will start with the reflex diagram of the Red man which represents the extremities on the face. You’ll notice that his arms run along the eyebrows.

1| With the little yang spike ball of the Yin-yang roller nº206, let’s start by rolling from the glabella (between the eyebrows) towards the temple. Make about fifty back-and-forth movements, making sure to follow the left eyebrow arch just above the eyebrow. Repeat the exercise on the right arch.

If you have deeper knowledge in Dien Chan, you can try to locate more precisely the facial reflection of the lipoma using a detector. In this case, it is preferable to use the large detector of the Comet nº133 to perform precise sweeps along the eyebrow arch to detect a more sensitive point along the way.

2| Then, and to reflexively renew the lymphatic work, we use the yin effect of the same Yin-yang roller nº206 from the temple towards the glabella.
Its roller equipped with soft miniprongs allows us to promote moisture and circulation to push fats towards the lymph nodes of the Red man.

3| Let’s take again the little yang spike ball of the Yin-yang roller nº206 to stimulate about thirty times on the hepatic reflex zone on the right cheek. By stimulating the liver and gallbladder, you encourage your body to eliminate fats.

This step is mainly for those who have studied Dien Chan seriously. It consists of creating a constellation of bqc·points from which we select the most sensitive ones.

This allows us to personalize our treatment at each session and to become the architect of our own protocol.

1| You’ll notice that the constellation proposed here includes bqc·points related to previous steps. So, we’ll use bqc·points for the arm, the hepatic system, as well as knowledge in TCM indicating the involvement of the Earth element.

Indeed, our goal is to improve the body’s absorption capacity to prevent damp stagnation that can lead to the formation of lipomas.
Our proposal is to test the following bqc·points with the thin Detector nº101 to keep only the most sensitive ones:

  • Hepatic system: 50· 41· 233· [green zones]
  • Reduce moisture: 3+ 5+ 132· [blue triangles]
  • Earth element: 39· 481· 37· 40· 437· [brown zones]

›› Complete with bqc·points related to the concerned body part. For our example of the arm, we’ll keep 324· 99· [purple triangles] and the live points found during the sweep of the eyebrow arch using the large Comet Detector nº133.

2| Regarding the lymphatic system, we advise practicing Reflexdrainage at the end of the session and following the instructions on the page
This 6-step facial massage is extremely powerful in helping the body eliminate all the toxins mobilized by previous steps.

Repeat this exercise at least 4 times a week and try to do Reflexdrainage with the Comet nº133 every evening.

During a session, the judicious use of instruments combined with the implementation of the treatment plan steps promotes better energy circulation and facilitates toxin elimination; which contributes to reducing lipomas.
By carefully selecting bqc·points and applying your knowledge, you opt for a natural and non-invasive approach.
And by teaching the appropriate gestures for the body and face while recommending suitable multireflex tools, you offer an interesting solution to people seeking complementary natural care.

Dienchanly yours,
— The Dien Chan Experts Team —
International School of Multireflexology Dien Chan
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