4 protocols of Chan❜beauté

Chan❜beauté introduces you to exceptional comprehensive care that appeals to both beauty professionals and self-care enthusiasts for its overall anti-aging effectiveness combining sensory experience and well-being.
Our protocols perfectly embody the spirit of excellence of the International School of Multireflexology – Dien Chan (ISMDC). Our latest advances dedicated to health and well-being, benefiting from extensive experience since 2002, are offered to you to fuel your inspiration and guide you to become the architect of your care.

Developed by the facial experts of our research team, Chan❜beauté protocols are truly enviable achievements, as they restore the dynamic balance between the layers of the skin.
You can even apply these tips before any cosmetic product to fully benefit from their active ingredients.

Our Chan❜beauté expert, John-Jairo, offers you this video so you can appreciate the gestures of each of the protocols in the article. Use the video description on YouTube to quickly access each chapter.

Here are 4 protocols from Chan❜beauté to perform with a single set of multireflex tools offered at the bottom of the page.
These treatments have shown an ability to enhance the major signs of youth and luminosity of the skin.
Including among others:

  • Blurring wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Boosting and plumping.
  • Improving skin elasticity and density: lifting effect.
  • Regulating skin texture and pores.
  • Restoring facial brightness and glow.

1a| Using Yin-yang roller nº207, start by delicately following the eyebrow arch from the glabella (between the eyebrows) towards the left temple. Repeat about twenty times, then repeat the exercise on the right eyebrow arch.

Its concave shape perfectly contours the eyes and the face. Its natural horn roller allows for a deep and precise energising massage of the curves for an optimal result.

1b| Next, use the minibrush from the Beauty-brush nº252 to massage the area of ​​the dark circles by describing about ten small commas under each eye. Do not pull the skin, which is generally very thin under the eyes.

🚩 The yang effect of these first two steps invigorates circulation by giving movement to internal flows to bring nutrients to the surface.

We must finalize the protocol by distributing its nutrients. It is the yin effects of our instruments that have this exceptional power to naturally optimize water flows and encourage intrinsic collagen production.

2a| Using the yin mini-rake of tool nº219, comb the left eyebrow arch from the glabella towards the temple. After about fifteen movements, repeat this massage above the right eye, trying to lift the eyebrow as much as possible.

2b| Finally, with the golden roller of multireflex tool nº219, start from the inner corner of the eye and slide over the dark circle to the temple to distribute the nutrients mobilized by the previous step.

Repeat the movement about ten times, then move to the other eye.

3| If you suffer from eye tension or if you wish to enjoy a totally unprecedented luxurious sensory experience that no cream with pseudo-magical ingredients can equal…
Then, take advantage of the breathtaking effects of the golden sphere of multireflex tool nº207. Simply roll it gently over the closed eyelid. No need to say more, your feeling will speak for itself!

The wonders of Chan❜beauté to combat wrinkles lie in the art of preparing the skin by invigorating cellular respiration to then extend its vigor and visibly improve skin regeneration.

— Laura Fernandez Ozorco — Valladolid, Spain.

Objectives: enhance facial volumes and blur wrinkles by reviving skin vitality, firming its density, and toning the antagonist micromuscles responsible for wrinkles.

1| Start by massaging the left temple with the minibrush from Beauty-brush nº252. This involves making delicate half-circle movements. We call this gesture in our jargon “kneading the wrinkle,” because the yang effect produced by these movements brings essential nutrients to the epidermis that stagnate in the hypodermis.
This massage should cover the entire temple and should not last more than a minute.

2| Nutrient distribution is achieved by using the golden cylinder of Beauty-bush nº252. Its refreshing yin effect promotes distribution and increases the skin’s natural hydration.

As traditional Chinese medicine indicates, the yin interventions following yang stimulation restore the dynamic balance of the flows in the worked area.


💎 Before repeating this ritual on the right temple, observe the difference to fully appreciate the incredible benefits of Chan❜beauté. You will then realize that applying products without prior preparation of the skin’s terrain aims only to sell hydrating consumables 🧐.
However, to fully exploit their active ingredients, it is important to beforehand invigorate the blood and lymphatic microcirculation. Thus, you enhance the penetration rate to consume less and of better quality.

3| To perfect this beauty ritual in a sumptuously new way, let yourself be carried away by an unprecedented sensory experience. Enjoy the incredible effect of the golden sphere of our multireflex tool nº207. Simply glide it gently over your closed eyelid.
No words can do justice to this unique sensation; your own feeling will testify to its splendor.

If you aim to enhance the effects of your treatments, learn how to stimulate the bqc·points. These are our Dien Chan formulas that will help you consolidate and perpetuate the results obtained between each session.

Our articles and videos unveil very effective self-care protocols, but do not forget the importance of training if you wish to integrate them into your professional practice.

You will discover many techniques to become a true “care designer,” that is, a creator of personalized treatments. We are here to support you and encourage your talent, often hindered by a lack of self-confidence that prevents you from experiencing a creative adventure and infusing each treatment with your unique signature.

The principle remains constant for all wrinkles, and our professional aestheticians practicing Chan❜beauté to counter the signs of aging know it well: prepare the skin to revive cellular respiration and extend its vigor.

Our goal is to plump the marked areas of the face and diminish their wrinkles by regenerating skin vitality, improving its density, and strengthening the guilty antagonist micromuscles.
The overall anti-aging effectiveness of Chan❜beauté protocols quickly manifests through their ability to hydrate and tone the skin.

1a| Start by gently massaging the glabella where the frown lines are located with the minibrush from Beauty-brush nº252. Describe about twenty pleasant small circles.

1b| With the same minibrush, then perform fifteen sweeps from the left wrinkle towards the left eyebrow, then repeat by massaging the right wrinkle towards the right eyebrow.

2| Now that the antagonist muscles have been awakened, we promote balance with the yin effect of the smooth roller of the same instrument. Gently roll its golden cylinder vertically between the eyebrows.

Perform about fifty back-and-forth movements to maximize the yin effect, which distributes the nutrients mobilized during the yang phase. These nutrients help dissipate tensions responsible for wrinkle formation.

Skin sagging is your major concern, and reshaping the contour of your face is essential.

Our goal is to promote cellular respiration to strengthen your skin’s tone, thus reducing the visible signs of aging that gently caress us.
Your skin regains firmness, density, and elasticity, thus redefining the oval of your face.
This protocol can be effortlessly integrated into your existing routine. It allows you to fully enjoy its remarkable effects without extending the usual duration.

1-a| For this situation, our objective is to revitalize facial muscles using a yang instrument. For this purpose, the concave roller of multireflex tool nº207 is highly recommended.

Start by following the left contour of your face from the chin to the earlobe, exerting about thirty brisk back-and-forth movements. The experience should be stimulating while remaining comfortable.
Then repeat this invigorating experience on the right side.

1-b| Again, use concave roller nº207 to firm your cheekbones. Note that the ergonomic shape of the instrument perfectly adjusts to the curves of your face, allowing you to perform a series of thirty back-and-forth movements following the natural relief of the zygomatic bone.

Start with the left cheekbone before moving to the right cheekbone.

2| Now that we have toned the areas prone to sagging, it’s time to anchor this positive result.

To crystallize this lively balance, we will combine the freshness of the yin effect of brass rollers with a yang dynamic.
Perform delightful micropinches on your face by clashing smooth sphere nº207 and smooth roller of Beauty-brush nº252.
Repeat this action on all the areas worked on during the previous steps, aiming for about thirty pressures per side of the face.

Note that by using two smooth spheres from multireflex tool nº207 and positioning oneself behind the client, the professional will achieve even more remarkable results.

To conclude this natural beauty ritual in a truly sumptuous manner, offer your client an unprecedented sensory experience.
Give her the stunning effect of the golden sphere by gently sliding it over her closed eyelids.

In conclusion, these targeted treatments are a true revelation for revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin with ease. Through the judicious use of only three multireflex tools, you can open and decongest the gaze, reduce crow’s feet wrinkles, smooth frown lines, and achieve a natural lifting effect.

These protocols, tailored to each specific need, allow for an effective holistic approach to regain a rejuvenated and radiant appearance. Whether you are a beauty professional or a self-care enthusiast, these simple yet powerful techniques will grant you remarkable results.

Explore these suggestions and incorporate these valuable rituals into your daily routine. With multireflex tools at your fingertips, you can indulge in a reliable and luxurious natural beauty experience to transform your skin and reveal all its youthfulness and vitality.

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