Eczéma and other skin disorders

We offer you this article in response to one of our readers who questions us about her eczema.
When we talk about eczema, we think of skin disorders. However, skin disorders prompt us to revisit notions of Western medicine that link skin diseases to the nervous system. Therefore, we seek to establish the balance of the skin in Dien Chan and to determine the appropriate yin or yang effect.
On the other hand, Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that the Metal element encompasses the energies of the Lung Meridian and the Large Intestine Meridian.
In Dien Chan, we can combine these two approaches which clearly prove that this method is not a variant of TCM.
We must therefore draw from the knowledge of all medicines for all our care plans.

Let’s proceed step by step and try to inspire you to help you:

Regarding the nervous system, we are fortunate to be able to benefit from the extraordinary discovery of Professor Bùi Quôc Châu when he was treating drug addicts suffering from terrifying withdrawal symptoms.

1| For our first step

We will treat the general condition using the Little-hammer nº128 to stimulate the bqc·points 124· 34· and 103·.

Hammer about fifty times on each point.

— If the person mentions fatigue, we will add the bqc·points 1· and 300+ (the one on the right).

Here, we might think that we are dealing with a yin manifestation of the disorder. But we will check it a little later.

— Conversely, if they express an excess of heat or chest oppression, it will be better to add the bqc·points 59· and 0·. In this case, we are dealing with an excess of yang.

2| The facial step on the Dien Chan diagrams 

You also mention digestion disorders. This could result from a dysfunction in the circulation of Metal energy. Therefore, the Lung and Large Intestine meridians are important to consider. Moreover, it is again the Metal element that is involved in skin conditions.

To choose our multireflex tool with the most appropriate effect to work on the reflex diagrams, we will first corroborate the hypothesis of the first step:

To check if the syndrome is more yin or yang, we can ask the following question:

— If pain, itching, etc., are relieved in the shower by cold water; this suggests an excess of heat. The disorder is therefore yang.

And we can confirm this first hypothesis by testing the response of bqc·point 143·, which is located under the nose between the nostrils.

If bqc·point 143· is very sensitive to the Detector nº101, this indeed indicates an excess of internal heat. Bqc·point 143· has the effect of cooling the inside of the body.

›› This yang situation invites us to treat in a yin way using the Double mini yang roller nº308 to achieve the best result.

With an elegant and light gesture, let’s work on the cheekbones which are the reflex zone of the lungs. About fifty back-and-forth movements on each cheekbone will be necessary.

— Conversely, if it is warm water that relieves and bqc·point 127· is the most sensitive, this indicates a yin context. Stimulation of bqc·point 127· allows us to warm the interior, and we will then choose the Double mini yin ball nº307 to stimulate the reflex zones of the lungs and large intestine.

3| The consolidation

We will then reinforce our previous actions using a formula of bqc·points.

This is only a suggestion to inspire you. Indeed, it is important to understand that each treatment must be personalized and that there is no “magic” formula that works for all cases.

We must learn to adapt and complement our care based on the information provided by the patient.

We will also need to give a yin or yang meaning to the bqc·point formula we compose. Unable to provide a comprehensive course in these lines, here is a proposal.

342· 125· 364· 3· 61· 132· 133· 38· 233· 17· 156· 87·

›› When itching is felt: 17· 51·

📌 Note: With the Faceasit app, you have the ability to easily find all bqc·points and create personalized cards. Please consult the folder and videos on

Une formule de points·bqc inspirante et la Double miniboule yang nº308 et le Double minirouleaux yin nº308.

4| The prescription

The therapist can then recommend the use of the multireflex tool determined by the second step so that the person can continue their treatment at home.

The next session will be even more effective and will allow the professional to refine the diagnosis and therefore the treatment.

It goes without saying that diet should also be monitored. Fats are good and important; the poison is sugar!

You can acquire each multireflex tool individually in the DienShop or the entire set at a discounted rate using the button below.

The Detector~bqc·point stimulator nº101, the Double mini yang ball nº307, and the Double mini yin roller nº308.

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